About ET TU

ET TU, a premier high-end Home store by Honey Jolly, at ‘The Gallery on MG’ Delhi, & at ‘ The Seasons Mall’ Pune retails luxurious Furniture & Soft Interiors, Indian and European furnishing fabrics, rugs, lamps, art & other accessories.

ET TU’s forte is in customizing for clients’ individual needs. The designs cater to the most discriminating tastes, be it high-end residences, celebrity homes, corporate clients or luxury hotels. The furniture & furnishings are totally customized, both for taste and space, by Home ET TU's design team headed by Honey Jolly, who has over 30 yrs of experience in design.

ET TU is the result of her inborn skills plus over 30 years of experience in the field of designing. Honey, a designer not only by profession, but by instinct and inborn talent, creates looks for homes, offices and hotels with styles that are exclusive to her. Her forte lies in the fact that she thinks out of the box.

Home Ettu is Honey’s tribute to the essence of interior designing, where tradition & innovation freely merge to give a new meaning to style , which is both contemporary & classic. The team at Home ET TU emphasizes in creating an idiosyncratic look for every client , Honey suggests that a home needs to be treated as an entity . Just like the 'look' of a person is not complete unless accentuated with the right accessories, the 'look' of a house is not complete without accents and accessories.

Home ET TU has successfully designed huge farm houses that give immense possibilities to use creativity to its fullest, innovating with products and styles . ET TU has also been successful in designing for the smallest of flats to create the desired look within defined spaces.

ET TU gives design suggestions and layouts for their clients' interiors and helps them create a homogenous look, complete with furniture, furnishings and wall treatments. The bedrooms, living, dining, lounge areas etc are all conceptualized and executed to exude harmony of design and color between the furniture, furnishings, curtains, blinds, pelmets, bed spreads, cushions, table linen and other accessories within each space .