“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in interiors but above all …good design must primarily please people,” says Ms. Honey Jolly , Design Head & Founder Home ET TU .

The team at ET TU gives design suggestions and layouts for their clients' interiors and helps them create a homogenous look, complete with furniture, furnishings and wall treatments. Customizing designs to meet client satisfaction is the key mantra at ET TU . “ I design for real people . I think of our customers all the time . There is no virtue whatsoever in creating Furniture & Furnishing’s that are not practical”.

Every project is conceptualized and executed to exude harmony of design and color between the furniture, furnishings and other accessories within each space , giving the suggestions and requirements of clients top most priority .Client ideas and suggestions are the inspiration behind most of our designs , we try and create utility & beauty keeping the clients budgets intact.