“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. Its coming up with innovative ideas , testing principles and perfecting engineering as well as the final assembly,” Says Karan Jolly , Manufacturing Head & Founder , Home ET TU .

It takes a great team , leadership & harmony in work culture to give shape to the most innovative ideas in design . Home ET TU has a strong team to support its innovative ideas and take them through to the final implementation . A highly qualified team of interior designers with years of experience to back them to meet any client requirements . A dedicated manufacturing unit for furniture, stone, metal, glass , mirror work, and production of accessories. A team of skilled craftsmen who have expertise in furniture making , carving , embossing, painting , leafing and inlay work etc . A qualified team dedicated to manufacturing furnishings , embroiderers , craftsmen’s etc.

ET TU believes in quality and uses hardware fittings and materials of the highest rank . Everything is manufactured inhouse to meet the highest standard of quality & precision & there by exceed client expectations.