Turnkey Execution

ET TU gives design suggestions and layouts for their clients' interiors and helps them create a homogenous look, complete with furniture, furnishings and accessories. The bedrooms, living, dining, lounge areas etc are all conceptualized and executed to exude harmony of design and color between the furniture, furnishings, curtains, blinds, pelmets, bed spreads, cushions, table linen and other accessories within each space .

Every interior project involves coordination between a number of agencies , be it an apartment or a large farmhouse , there is major scope of work & hence the complexity. With increased knowledge and overseas exposure today clients are left more confused than ever before. Hence a professional team is required to ensure that the project meets the design ,time & budget specifications .

The in house teams at ET TU is self sufficient in meeting the client requirements . Hence the co-ordination is smooth and stress free. There is great harmony between the design team , manufacturing team , furnishing team & moreover each project is given its due time and importance thereby creating a complete flawless piece of work for the clients to enjoy. Having completed over 30 years in the field of design and successfully delivering homes that exude timeless beauty , ET TU today has the necessary guidance , experience and the skill set to manage any project irrespective of its scope & size.